“The Salt of Your Skin” won Top 5 Debut Album and Top 5 Female Singer berths on the 2002 FAR Americana chart. Guests artists include Robbie Fulks, Jane Baxter Miller, and Lonesome Bob.

“Kessler’s new originals get to the heart of country’s mission: to wring plaintive emotions out of everyday situations and make them breathe with dignity.” -Marc Guarino,
Chicago Daily Herald

“Kessler traffics in an almost-forgotten brand of country music that isn’t afraid to show its scars, stitches and other abnormalities.” -Bobby Reed, Chicago Sun Times

“I’d say Ms. Kessler’s new disc [Salt of Your Skin] represents the future of alt country, but that would be a lie. The skill necessary to synthesize the diverse strands of country on this record, not to mention the ability to blend the range of talents from Robbie Fulks to Kent Kessler, just aren’t present in enough artists to constitute a movement. Instead, I’ll call this a welcome release from a unique talent.” -DJ Carl Zimring, “Fear & Whiskey” WRCT, Pittsburgh, PA

“The bearer of that unique, touching voice and old-timey meets avant-garde sensibility many have been waiting to hear from again since her Texas Rubies days finally gets off the pot.” -Barry Mazor, Miles Of Music Magazine